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 Customer Photos and Testimonials

Pat and Robin,

Hello and thank you for the FAST service on this order. The quality is that it fits like a glove. Perfect in every detail! I sincerely highly recommend you to any and all of my fellow riders that are looking for a quality aftermarket windshield. I must also compliment you on the Lowers. They rock. With the stock moco ones is ok but with your design on both the screen and the lowers there is definitely way less wind turbulence. Excellent Product. Excellent design. Excellent Service!

Safe Riding always


 "I originally heard about Pat from the "Electra Glide Garage" forum and went to his E-Bay site where I saw a number of styles of his "Custom Windshields". I own a 2004 Ultra Classic with the stock 12" clear windshield and I was wanting something that LOOKED better than stock and was still very functional. I decide on the 10" tinted and I must say I am very pleased with the look. Pat's service is the best. He is a man of his word and his prices are more than reasonable. I had my new windshield within a few days after I ordered it. I would certainly do business with Pat again and I have recommended him to all of my Harley friends."
John Evans

"There are many aftermarket Harley windshields available, but none match the look and performance of Pat and Robin's product. I own a 2004 Electra Glide Classic with the stock 12" clear windshield. The OEM windshield was at a bad angle for me because of my height. I either had to raise up or down to see anything ahead of me. After talking to Pat on the phone he advised me to try the 10" windshield. Perfect fit at a very reasonable price! Pat's custom windshield also cuts down the wind more than my stock windshield because of its unique design. I've received many comments on my new windshield. For the money one of the best upgrades I've performed on my bike. Thanks for a great product."

Chris Haag

"Rode to work at 5:30am the other morning at 18 degree's after also adding the chrome fork lowers. Was able to have top of coat open and took the long way in without my extra heavy gloves. Rode around that afternoon at 50 degrees without any gloves or helmet."
"I cleaned the shield with a liberal dose of Plexus both sides before installing. Have cleaned 4 times since again with plexus and no streaking no scratches no discoloration. Just a crystal clear view through the screen."

Jeff Jensen

"This product is one of the best products of the new year! The fit and craftsmanship were perfect. If perfect fit and craftsmanship are not enough to make you want it, how about a seller that really wants you to be happy with the product and answers your questions before and after the sale. Now, for the product itself, It cuts more wind than the standard windshield and does away with that straight sided shield HD sells and looks great on the bike. No I'm not getting anything for these statements, I bought the windshield and have it mounted on my 2003 Electraglide that I ride about 25,000 miles a year."

Nelson "IQ" Mahrt
President, Blacktop Cruisers R/C
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Hi Pat and Robin, not only does your windshield work great by keeping more wind off the rider/passenger and speakers for better sound, but they look good also! I get a lot of compliments and questions about where to get your windshields. I also have to say that you guys are the friendliest and most customer oriented people I've ever met and it's always a pleasure to do business with you!
Shown is my 2006 Street Glide I call "BLUUU", and it has the 8" smoked Flat Top windshield on it. I also keep on hand the clear 11" Round Top for the longer hauls and a shorter 5" for when I want a sportier look. Also your 'Lower Sport Wings' work great to keep the wind off in the winter time and they come off easy enough for those hot Arizona summers to get more air flow. Keep up the great work!


Best Regards, John & Jeri Waite, Mesa Arizona 

"I just wanted to write this Testimonial for Pat because of his superbly designed Windshield that I had bought for my 2001 Electraglide. When I first saw his eBay add for his extended shield, I thought to myself , Wow ! .....this guy just might be on to something."

    "Well I bought a 7 inch smoked shield from him, and I was impressed with it's design as soon as I got it on the road. The normal Air Turbulence that's generated off of OEM or other aftermarket shields was pushed further outboard with Pat's design. While being pushed further outwards, I noticed that this turbulent air was not only off my body, but I noticed a substantial improvement with the wind off of my hands. When riding during the winter months (like now), it makes the trip more comfortable. I haven't ridden in the rain with this shield, but I'd have to guess that the rain protection afforded with this better design will without a doubt keep me dryer. (I'll let you know Pat) :)"

    "Besides the improved Air Turbulence protection on the body, I also noticed that the sound quality of the Radio showed an improvement. You see, the extended windshield extends outward over top the speaker pods which keeps the turbulent air from mixing with the sound of the tunes while cruising. In effect, the tunes seem to be kept more in your so-called......"personal bubble"."

Thanks again Pat !!

Joe Vangel

Pat & Robin,

I really like the looks of my Halfmoon Wings that replaced the original equipment windshield on my 2006 Ultra Classic. It's perfect. I like the light smoke tint better than clear or dark smoke tint. I had to look through the original equipment windshield. I have the perfect height (10") now.

Ken Hill