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 Customer Photos and Testimonials

" I have the 8" high dark smoke flat top windshield installed on my 2001 Electra Glide Classic. This is an excellent windshield which blocks the wind as advertised, making my radio much easier to hear (never sounded this good in the 4 years I've had the bike) and my passenger is much happier with less wind and she can hear the radio much better too! It fits great and this is the fourth different windshield I have tried, and I like it so much I have ordered a "back-up" one for the future! My friends really like it too and have ordered several also---great product Pat!!"

Russ Keagle
Mesa, Az.


"We are not usually impressed with new items & gimmicks that come out for bikes with all their claims. This is everything that Robin & Pat say and more. Their packing and shipping is wonderful! We can't wait for spring to be able to enjoy the new windshield and show it off to our friends. This is a wonderful addition to our custom Electra-glide." Kerry & Judy Irvin

"Hi Pat & Robin,
Well, better late than never. The windshield is getting us lots of questions on the pretty days that we have had and got out and got to ride. Thanks for the nice addition to our custom bike, it is a nice addition to the custom paint set."
Kerry & Judy Irvin
Murray, KY
Paducah Chapter Hogwosh Editor's


Dear Pat and Robin,
Last Christmas I received one of your six inch half moon wings windshields (dark tint) for my 04 FLHTPI. I wanted something shorter than stock without sacrificing protection, and this shield really fits the bill. The addition of the wings allows a better envelope when riding, and despite the shorter height, I still don't have any trouble with buffeting. It reduced wind noise and I don't feel like I'm getting pushed around in head winds. This is a great product, especially for those of us that live in the Northern States. The fit and finish is spectacular on the bike, too. I like it so much I've ordered another 6" in gloss black so I can switch "colors" when I get the whim. The extended lowers are next on my list.

Ride Free and Ride Safe,
Ray DeMaertelure
Jackson, MI

"I thought I might have to settle on a boring smoked windshield for my Street Glide. That was until I found Clark's Custom Windshields. What a fantastically crafted piece. Looks better on the bike than I ever imagined. Not to mention, the shipping was fast and they stayed in touch with me every step of the way, even helping me decide between a "flat top" or "half moon!" Top notch people in my book!!! Thanks Robin & Pat!!! Kim D., Lake Villa, IL"  
"Great windshield, great fit, great finish. I really liked the smoke but the black has the perfect look to go with my black ultra. In addition to the look the wider cut knocks out a lot of the side wind buffeting and that means clearer tunes. Keep up the great work." Mac...

"Hi Folks, new windshield arrived yesterday, installed today and went for test ride. It's only 48* out......wife said she gets a lot less wind (a BIG plus for her, being a redhead too), and she can hear the stereo at 60mph. Only problem, between the windshield and the Hogtunes speakers I can't hear my engine!! LOL Thank you very much for making such a nice product". March 22, 2005 - Red Starnes

Congratulations on your son's safe return. That undoubtedly made for the best holiday ever whether it was the Christmas season or not. That fact that it was, what could have been better. And congratulations to your Mom too!

This fall I ordered a Liberty sidecar for my bike. I'd been riding the Ural more than the Harley so sold it and ordered the Liberty. Never thought I'd see the day I'd enjoy riding on three wheels. I used to think anyone riding on three wheels couldn't handle two. Not so. It's a whole different thrill. And this way Archie can go with me. It warmed up enough today I rode it in to the bus garage for my afternoon run. Waaaahoooooo! What fun! I did have to put the stock windshield back on though for 'winter dress'. I'd rode it before with the short one and it's still too much winter wind for that. I'll attach a pic I took here in our driveway. It was 15 degrees this day or there about. Rode out to the end of the driveway and back on the spur of the moment and like to froze because I didn't put any gear on at all. Had intended to just take a couple pics in front of the shop. Oh well. Then put 20 miles on it Christmas Eve.

Have a great year!


"Hi Pat and Robin,
If your windshield did not do as you state (which it does) I would still like it. The windshield changes the entire look of my '01 Ultra and makes it look 200% better."
Richard Wilbur 


Robin & Pat ; I recently purchased your 14" clear mar resistant flat top & a 10" mar resistant dark tint half moon windshields, along with your dark tint Ultra wings. I have to write you about how impressed I am with these units. First off the 14" really look's great, a massive heavy duty look instead of the usuall kind of dorky look that the other taller aftermarket shields have. It is very solid and takes the perfect form after being bolted down. Wind protection is unbealieveable for myself and myself and passenger, yet their is plenty of air circulation on the really hot days. It is distortion free with no wind shake, and the raido sound is noticeably better. Another advantage I noticed was the large reduction in backdraft. The 10" dark shield really looks tuff ! and actually gives wind protection better than other same size shields. I can see over the top and sides easily and it still directs air flow without causing air pulsing which usually caused problems with my eye glasses.The Ultra wings complete the massive look of the shields and form a better aerodynamic shape and look which provides excellent directional wind flow. With such reasonable pricing, quality &performance I think everyone should try one of your sport or touring products and enjoy what I have been looking for in 40yrs. of riding. Thanks again Arn & Sue Wisconsin