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Robin/Pat, I have just returned from ridin' w/ my new w/shield and "thx"
can not begin to express my appreciation for a fine product and xlnt customer service!!! THANK U X 1000x!!!!!!Enclosed plz find attch pix and I hope u find them useful. Also plz find a testimonial I hope will express my supreme satisfaction....

Let me start by saying these fine people know how to make an xlnt product!!! I own, and have tried, five (5) different w/shields on my bike in an effort to achieve satisfaction and can honestly say I have found one that actually functions and looks good @ the same time. Pat and Robin have actually come up with a design that even The Motor Co.
could take some clues from and better their own product. If you own a Road Glide than you have experienced the ill-fitting/functioning weatherstrip conundrum, Pat/Robin's products actually allow you to utilize the factory weatherstrip and let your bike look like the finished product as it was intended to look. Pat and Robin have even gone the extra mile and cut the windshield and tooled it properly so the screw/bolt holes are cut to exacting specifications, round longer oblong or staightcuts. Their w/shields far exceed any of the factory (or aftermarket) designs I have yet to experiment with to date. Clark's Custom Windshields apparently has listened to what their customers are looking for in a w/shield and has produced a product that exceeds in value, quality, aesthetics and customer satisfaction. Again, let me express my appreciation to Pat and Robin for some good ol' All-American ingenuity and the best customer satisfaction. thx and enjoy the RIDE , kevin steele

( Lincoln, Ca.)


Hi Pat and Robin,

Well I finally felt like putting the new windshield on the bike last night and Susan and I took about a 200 mile ride today.

Today was not a great test for the windshield as the wind from Hurricane Ike has started infiltrating our area.... but your windshield passed with flying colors.

Probably the biggest thing my wife and I noticed was how great the stereo sounds now ! I can hear it ! WOW it was an awesome difference.

The wind buffeting wasn't as bad either and it had a huge test with the 20+mph gusts we were riding in.

Here are a few photos of my bike with the windshield installed. Fill free to use them on your web site if you want to.

Blessings, Rob


Greetings Pat & Robin!
Enclosed are pics of my new FLTRX.

Was looking on ebay for a substitute to the ugly windshield I bought
for my 2010 Harley FLTRX Road Glide Custom. Found an incredible
deal with Pat & Robin's Custom Windshields. I went with the 13" clear
halfmoon after talking with Pat (wanted to be able to look over it). This was on a Wed. morning. Couldn't believe it when I got home Friday and the windshied was on my doorstep! Installed that day following enclosed instructions and took it for a ride... Cuts the wind just right while still giving me a little breeze and can see over it perfectly! If you're looking for a great custom windshield (up to 14.5") at an incredible price, LOOK NO FURTHER.

HenRy CA


Hey Robin and Pat,

I got my new 12.5 inch shield for my 09 Screaming Eagle Road Glide and installed latter in the afternoon on Thursday. Ordered on a Tuesday, that was fast service to the house, and the price canít be beat.
Wow, what a difference the Halfmoon Windshield makes. I can finally hear my radio that I paid so much money for. This windshield isnít a sleek and stylish windshield like some of the other brands out there, with the cute little curves and aerodynamic bends. Only one word sums it up. Functionality. Simplicity is another word thatís close, because you have a wonderfully simple windshield that actually works as designed, but functionality fits best. 45 mph and I can hear my radio at a low setting. 80 mph on the interstate and I can hear my radio at half volume with ease, and my hearing isnít the greatest. Wind gusts, a problem in the past on my Road King and a Road Glide that I rented, the bobbing of my helmet around especially around trucks, GONE. And the light tint is easy enough to see through at night in case of one of those rainy situations that you sometimes find yourself in.

The fit at the gasket and edge of the windshield is not a perfect match at the front center screw, but this is minor compared with the overall look and functionality of the windshield. And thatís what they make chrome for; youíll never know when itís installed, my next project.

Thanks again for your time and effort to get the right windshield for my bike based on the way I sit in the saddle, it is greatly appreciated, and I will defiantly do business with you two again.

Ride safe, Andy Bryan.

I just installed my new windscreen and was able to give it a test drive. It is all you said it was and then some. The wife said she had very little buffeting with the oem screen but this screen takes the cake. If she was a smoker she could probably light up on the move. We had a very strong cross wind on our first test and yet it cut the wind considerably. I am very pleased with the function of the screen but I am even more pleased with the look of it on my bike. I only have one more thing to say about this screen. Fantastic. Thanks for your absolutely bullet fast delivery and the call to explain the different functions of the different screens.

Richard Brooks ( A mucho happy customer. )


Robin and Pat,

The windshield was delivered yesterday afternoon, and I put it on today. The 9" windshield looks so good, it makes me look good. Here I am pictured on my 05 Electra Glide Classic. There are many places that sell windshields, but they are not as good or as good looking as yours. I know because I have been riding since 1967. I want to thank you for getting it to me soooo fast.

You guys are the best, Keep up the good work.

Keep The Rubber On The Road,
Garland, Texas


I recently upgraded from a Harley Sportster XL883 to a 2006 Harley Road Glide. I love my 'Glide but don't like the high design Harley windshield the Road Glide had when I bought it. When I ride the turbulence was at eye level when I hunched down and when I sat straight my head was buffeted by the wind especially on the open road.


Now, I'm a tall guy at 6'2" so I could not find and aftermarket windshields that were high enough yet would not spoil the distinctive lines of my Road Glide. I came across the Clark's website on e-Bay www I read the write up and order one on the spot. Nowfor the cool part: the next day I heard from Robin Clark and she asked me more about my order so they would get my needs met correctly the first time. I quickly learned that their shields are angled differently than the stock Harley giving greater apparent and measured height and that the unique half moon design created a longer wind shadow that would also provide more comfort for a passenger. As we talked, Robin took me through the options and we settled on a 14.5 inch custom cut bronze shaded windshiel.


The new windshield arrived within about ten days which is fast for across the border. I had it on the Road Glide in half an hour. It looked great. This past weekend, I went on a run with my fellow Niagara HOG riders. It was 32 degrees but I satyed comfortable behind my CCW windshield and could easily see over it when needed. At the price point, this is the best investment I have made in new ride accessories. Robin and Pat really care about their customers and their service says it all. I especially appreciated the personal note sent with my CCW windshield.


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