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Customer Photos and Testimonials 

Hello Pat and are some pics of my road glide with the windshield I purchased.

After looking at many aftermarket windshields and HD windshields, I came across yours on eBay. I sent you a question and the response and information you provided was helpful in making my choice of windshield. I was even able to visit with you by phone for additional information--and help with determining what size I needed. The price and shipping costs were very reasonable. I have been very happy with my 11" light smoke contour windshield! . . . . Give my 2010 Road Glide the look I was after and more comfortable to ride with less wind directly in the face! . . . Jessie, Abilene, Texas

I just wanted to share with all those interested in not only a great looking sporty windshield, but still creates the same coverage as the stock Roadglide windshield. Also, for me I was looking at the top of the windshield, and when cruising through some of the canyons we have in Southern California, you loose a little vision but with the 11" half moon windshield from Clarks, I now am looking over the windshield with no distortion like I had with the stock one.

Gerry Lieberman
Newbury Park Ca.

Hi Pat and Robin,

I first learned of CCW after seeing favorable remarks on V-Twin Forum. So after doing some research and making a purchase, we logged over 100 miles this weekend with the new 9” half moon lite smoked tint windshield. It was about 40* outside. The picture was taken was just before taking our first ride with the new CCW windshield.

The size is perfect for my use and the performance is great.

What everyone else says about their tunes sounding better in the testimonials is true. My stereo sounds great now, the windshield diverts wind as good if not better than my stock 12”, and its simply looks awesome. Certainly the best money spent regarding the extras on my Ultra.

Coincidentally, the manufacturer date of the windshield is the same as our youngest daughter’s birthday.

Thanks much for everything from start to finish,



Hubbard, Ohio

Pat and Robin
I purchased a 10" lite bronze and its awesome, I love the look of the shield. My wife and I went on a 200 mile ride yesterday and your windshields are great. Also thank you for supporting the Troops, because I am one.

Thanks so much,
Ssgt Christopher Swift