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Message From Pat and Robin:

We designed the Halfmoon Wings and Flat Top version windshields with the extra width when we purchased our first Electra Glide in March 2004. The stock OEM windshield in our opinion doesn’t block the airflow very well for the rider or the passenger as mine directs the airflow around both. Our shields also keep the airflow from mixing with the sounds from the speakers and keeps all of your tunes up front.

The HALFMOON Wings come in all sizes from 6.5” to 14” and our FLAT TOP Version from 4.5” to 14”. We have them in Clear, Lite Tint (Smoke), Lite Bronze, & Dark Tint (Smoke).

Our shields are made out of .118 to .125 Lexan (Polycarbonate). UPDATE: All of our shields are now made out of MAR Resistant Lexan. It has a hard coating on both sides that can be compared to the coating on the OEM stock shields. All shields are shipped with a protective covering on both sides to protect it during transit.

This is not a tempered Harley OEM Shield and will not come to you formed. It can be cleaned with soapy water and a micro fiber cloth or a product such as Plexus (which is what we use). Do not use any product that has ammonia in it even on any cycle windshield.

We also make our windshields in both the Halfmoon and Flat top version for the ‘86-’95 FLHT models and also early FLH models. If you purchase a windshield for a ‘86-’95 model, please be sure to email us with the year so that you get the correct windshield. Email us for a quote on the early 70’s models.

In early 2007, we were contacted by a previous Eglide customer who had purchased a Road Glide and needed a shield that would give him better protection. After months of designing and testing our Halfmoon, Contour and Flat Top versions for the FLTR’s, we are proud to say that we have been offering our Road Glide shields for the FLTR models for ‘98-’09 since January 2008. Our Road Glide shields are designed to stand taller with less angle/rake. We have sizes from 6” to 14”. 

We are constantly coming up with useful products for your motorcycling enjoyment, so bookmark us and come back often.
If you have any questions, just 
email us.


You will find many exciting and newly designed bike products on our site, i.e. half moon windshields, flat top windshields, lower air deflectors, etc. See our Store.


We are excited to announce that we now have custom air horns for your Harley now.

Ride Safe and Always,
Pat and Robin



Half Moon Windshields - patent pending

A Newly Designed Windshield

It Helps Control Buffeting

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